The program tackles the challenges of menopausal women in their working spaces. We provide knowledge, train employers on menopause and its challenges to enable them support pre and post-menopausal women to remain in the work force. We advocate for gender equality to recognize menopause within their Human Resource Policy Manuals. We empower employers through line managers (human resource managers) to retain valuable skilled personnel, amplify the voices of menopause women at the workplace to openly talk about menopause. The Menopause at the Workplace policy is being signed to guide and protect menopause women to be tolerated as they face these menopausal challenges during working hours. Through these actions, there is increased work productivity, ease management, team work, connectedness and reduced work conflicts. It also attracts and retains a diverse and inclusive workforce.


Menopause at the Work Place Policy

Like other sectors, some elements of Women’s Health are neglected by different institutions with no excuses for people to go through life challenges. Menopause in our work places and spaces is neglected due to lack of knowledge and information. Women have distanced themselves away from the topic but it affects and threatens their jobs. With the increased loss of jobs for some bread winners, we have initiated a policy paper that will mandatorily talk about menopause within the workplaces, guard menopausal women’s jobs and protect their rights at their workplaces. We will petition the Parliament of Uganda to debate and pass this policy to protect the rights of menopausal women.


Through the different media platforms, menopause is a topic that is now being spread widely to give women a clear picture the changes in their life cycle. With acquisition of spaces on National Television and Radio stations, we discuss the symptoms that women go through during menopause. The community leaders, nurses, medical doctors, religious leaders, among other supporters of women are supporting women as they transition through this stage of their life. Women ambassadors in each community are now supporting women to access the different services and resources.

Ergonomics and Fitness Training

The program is providing fitness classes for working women most especially those in corporate offices. To eliminate back pain, bone injuries, stress, stiffness of muscles, among others, we conduct periodic office fitness trainings that benefit working women to remain productive.

We train them simple exercises they can perform hourly within their working spaces. We work together with companies during their team building activities ad engage menopause women with the relevant exercises to keep them fit for work.