This is a women-group based program that brings women together for support, networking and information sharing. With the increased numbers of women involved into our different activities, we engage them into different women’s groups in the different regions and districts across the country. These act as support groups, networking groups as well as platforms to share knowledge, support fellow women and influence policies targeting women in menopause. The women support each other through community outreaches, health camps, workplaces, among other organization activities. Through dialogues, women share their stories on menopausal challenges and symptoms as well as learning from each other to mitigate these challenges. The society reduces depression, anxiety, stigmatization and gender-based violence among menopause women.


Menopause Talks

These are dialogues that aim at providing information, education and communication to pre-aging and aging women as well as men in order to support women at the workplace and in communities to increase productivity and prevent harassment. We organize coffee talks with topics relating to menopause while engaging men to understand the different stages of women’s life cycle. As well, women share their stories that encourage other women to come out to accept their life cycle and enjoy menopause.

Women to Women Camps

Women face different health challenges and many can’t find the right information, resources and materials. Through the society, we organize women related camps that bring women together to support each other. Women support other women in hard-to-reach communities to show empathy and love to their fellow women. These women give back to community through community work. The camps also give women a chance to explore, exchange and network with enjoyment of their lives in a fun-filled trips across the country.

Menopause Walks

This is a menopausal awareness campaign event aiming at bringing together girls, young mothers, women, men and elderly person to walk towards creating awareness on menopause through education and advocacy with provision of different therapy services to women facing menopausal challenges.

We focus on women’s health issues associated with menopause such as Sexual health, Bone health, Neurological conditions, Heart health, Breast cancer, HIV/AIDS, Stroke, Physical fitness, Spiritual, Emotional and Mental wellness. We empower women to become vocal persons towards their health so as to receive the relevant services and resources to enjoy their menopause life.