This is a community-based physiotherapy program that reaches out to ageing / menopausal women in different communities. Through our moving community clinics, our beneficiaries with bone related issues, neurological conditions such as stroke, women with disabilities, non-communicable diseases and musculoskeletal conditions are directly reached with treatment, information on women’s health as well as exercises within their communities. We offer different kinds of services including, Electrotherapy, Manual therapy, Ergonomics, Hydrotherapy and Rehabilitation exercises. We organize conferences and health camps to support menopause women through information sharing, practical treatment, menopausal awareness and group support within the fraternity. We aim at improving the quality of health of actively ageing women to increase their productivity.


Training On Menopause

Our team reaches out to different communities to educate, sensitize and provide relevant information on menopause. Menopause is one topic that is being neglected among the ageing women and men with little or no knowledge about it. Many women are suffering silently with bone health and mental health issues that are caused by menopausal challenges. We bring forth the different and most critical issues that affect menopausal women to support them to enjoy this stage of life.

Annual Menopause Conference

With it being neglected and unspoken about in many institutions, we annually organize the Menopause conference to advocate, share information and amplify the voices of the affected women. We break the silence within the difference institutions to bridge the gaps of the young generation and their elder counterparts. The conference encourages women to avoid self-stigma through supportive messages to accept the process. Through this conference, we celebrate World Menopause Day annually every 8th of October.

Health Camps

For us to provide treatment to our beneficiaries, we organize health camps within their communities. We work with partners to provide medication, consultancy, lectures on menopause, and exercises to the community people. We focus on providing Hormonal Replacement Therapy to menopausal women and encourage them on the different foods and nutritional supplements they are supposed to use.

We evolve around making the lives of women better to increase their productivity at their workplaces. We create partnerships with community local clinics to give extra services to the people most especially those that require more than one session.